L'histoire de Rodeo Packs

The History of Rodeo Packs

Hello Matthieu, can you introduce yourself in a few lines?

Matt founder of Rodeo Packs on the beach Hello and welcome to the Rodeo Packs universe. My name is Matt, I'm 25 years old, I live in the South West of France in Hossegor and I'm a passionate surfer! In November 2022, I am embarking on an entrepreneurial adventure with the creation of a surf brand ONE SURFING CO and 2in1 RODEO PACKS backpacks.

I love introducing myself as a “passionate surfer” and you will understand why…

I had the incredible chance to travel, discover new cultures and meet new people. All thanks to surfing... this sport allowed me to open myself to new opportunities and to continue learning.

Growing up, it was unthinkable to go to a country where there were no waves… so I always had this appetite for outdoor adventures! Don't worry, I've grown up and sometimes I discover new places without the shadow of a surfboard.

All this to say, surfing allowed me to travel, express myself and evolve in an outdoor environment focused 200% on sport and performance.

Without forgetting that with each surf session, the ocean teaches us two very important lessons:

  1. Perseverance: catching waves on your head does not mean that you will never reach the open sea to finally surf a wave.
  2. Adaptation: except in a wave pool… you will never surf the same wave so to optimize your performance and have maximum fun you have to know how to adapt to the ocean which is changing all the time…

So YES surfing is an integral part of my life and helps me a lot in this entrepreneurial adventure. This is why we have developed high-end, waterproof and durable bags capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions, even when surfing.

Finally, I didn't want to become world surfing champion when I was younger but on the contrary I always wanted to understand what was happening with the biggest brands to design technical products and meet the needs of consumers. So naturally, I chose this path to work with products I love and develop new offerings.

Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for Rodeo Packs?

Before Rodeo Packs, there were a lot of things… but let’s say it’s an idea that I’ve had in mind since 2018.

My father started an electric bike business in 2014 in Hossegor, Woodee Bikes. It was also the first to develop electric fatbikes in France and Europe.

So I spent all my summers and numerous internships in his company to continue learning in all possible areas: sales, product design, digital marketing etc... in short my goal was to absorb as much knowledge as possible in a dynamic and passionate team!

So it was at the end of summer 2018 that I started working on the Rodeo Packs system. I tell myself that there must be a better solution than plastic hooks for bike bags which are not necessarily durable, practical and universal on each rear luggage rack...

Remember, I'm an avid surfer! To keep our board hanging on our foot, we use what we call a leash, a Velcro-based product.

In the biggest waves in the world, the scratch never gives up...

And so the idea of ​​the system developed little by little in my mind... We had to test it!

At the same time, I pursued a classic career in the surf industry first in California then in France in Marketing to continue learning and gain experience.

2020, covid appears, the job disappears. I told myself that it was the time for me to realize this attachment system which had had time to mature.

I continued to get feedback from my father on his customers' bike bags to design the first prototype.

The Rodeo Packs adventure was finally starting!

Why this attachment system on the rear luggage rack?

Hanging system to transform your Rodeo Packs backpack into a bike bag

Scratching, there is nothing more solid. The goal is to create a durable and easy-to-use product.

We therefore had the idea of ​​creating this support which can be used to store a yellow vest, a hand pump, etc. but also serve as a cushion and finally allow our backpacks to be transformed into bicycle bags.

The goal was to create a complete product that can be used even when there is no bag attached to it.

Our customers even say that it adds a touch of design to the bike! Note that the logos are reflective.

The practical side of the rear luggage rack support, you have this large surface to scratch the bags directly on it. It's simple to install and also quick to remove.

Finally, for the sustainability part, we know that cycling is part of your daily life so you almost always carry your life by bike... Whether it's shopping, school bags, sports bags, etc. …we wanted a system where you don't need to keep it on your shoulders, but instead hang it on your rear rack without worrying about the weight. A velcro attached from top to bottom over a large surface area provides the best possible strength. The bike bag can only be released if you lift the hook.

Click here to discover our system.

What was your vision in designing the range of bicycle bags/panniers?

By gathering feedback from consumers and users, we have targeted these different points for improvement:

  1. Design is important to be proud to carry your backpack in town and transform it into a bag on your beautiful bike. We therefore stuck to a classic design for each model but available in several colors to match that of the bike!
  1. Utility , pretty bags are good, useful in everyday life is even better. Each bag has its purpose depending on your needs.

The City Buddy is the bag for going to work with a computer sleeve, a bicycle helmet holder and three different access points to organize your belongings.

The Adventure r is the classic Roll top for doing sports. You have a large front pocket to store a water bottle and separate it from the rest of your belongings.

The Beach Buddy , the ideal tote bag for going to the market, the beach, etc.

Icebreaker - 22L and 35L, our two cooler sizes for picnics with family, friends, couples, etc. The insulated part can be removed and you can use it like a classic bag.

  1. Performance , all our backpacks must be waterproof and durable. The seams are welded and the zippers are waterproof. For us, every bike ride is an adventure, so you have to be prepared for all eventualities.

By the way, if you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to send us an email hello@rodeopacks.com

Click here to find our bags.

What are the future plans?

I can't reveal everything, but we continue to learn thanks to feedback from our distributors and end consumers.

We want to expand our product range for even more specific needs. We are also working on a new collection with different materials.

This is only the beginning of the adventure, the feedback is very positive and we want to continue this dynamic to develop Rodeo Packs. Our initial vision is to make your cycling journeys easier and accompany you on your greatest adventures.

Finally last question: why the name Rodeo Packs?

Because it's the bag, the pannier that never falls off the bike no matter your adventures.

“Fatbike” electric bike on the beach with a pair of Rodeo Packs backpacks convertible into bike bags. A dog stands in front of the bike.

Adventure awaits...

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