Our user guide for transforming our range of backpacks into bike bags using our unique, registered system.

Convert your backpack into a bike bag?

Rear luggage rack support

Our support fits every rear bicycle rack. The straps below the support will adapt to the width of your luggage rack.

The support :

  • can be used as a bicycle cushion . In fact, there is approximately 5mm of foam thickness. Be careful, you must obviously respect the maximum weight authorized on the luggage rack but also safety standards by adding toe clips for example.
  • can be used as storage for some essential tools for any bike ride (a hand pump for example).
  • The logos are reflective.
  • The " cover" is 100% waterproof to protect the Velcro surface and any tools.
  • Customer Testimonials: The stand adds a unique design to the bike.

Waterproof bike bag backpack

At Rodeo Packs, 100% of the backpack range is waterproof. In fact, the seams are welded and the zips are waterproof. The logos are reflective. Every journey on foot or by bike is an adventure, no matter the distance or the destination.

How to convert your backpack into a bicycle bag?

Our backpacks are equipped with "G-buckles". This will allow you to detach the backpack straps and place them in the back storage. Finally, all you have to do is use the hook-and-loop tabs to hang your bag on the bike.

Why did you create this system?

Scratch is a durable material, stronger than plastic hooks. It's simple and quick to use. It's much more comfortable once worn on the back, you simply don't feel anything.

Rodeo Packs are, first of all, high-end waterproof backpacks which have the particularity of being able to transform into bicycle bags thanks to our innovative system.

We are outdoor enthusiasts on foot or by bike. Our vision is to create a complete and durable range to accompany you in all your outdoor adventures.