1. Is the Rodeo Packs range 100% Waterproof?

We work exclusively with durable and waterproof materials to protect your equipment from the external elements.

We have 2 closing systems:

  • The “Roll Up” system which secures the bag 100% once it is rolled 4 to 5 times.
  • We have water-resistant and durable zippers to protect your gear.

2. How many kilos can the bags hold?

Here is the list recommended by our manufacturer:

  • The City Buddy can support up to 10kg of equipment.
  • The Adventurer can support up to 15kg of equipment.
  • The Beach Buddy can support up to 10kg of equipment.
  • The Small Icebreaker can support up to 15kg of equipment.
  • The Icebreaker Backpack can support up to 20kg of equipment.

3. How to install the bracket on the luggage rack? Then how to install the bags on the support?

Click here to learn how to install the support or refer to our social networks @rodeopacks. If you have any additional questions. Please contact us at the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com

4. Additional questions about our products?

Please contact us via the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com

Shipments and returns

1. What are the delivery and return costs?

FREE standard delivery in mainland France for all purchases over €100.00.

Shipping abroad, an additional cost will be added at checkout.

Returns are the customer's responsibility unless we have made an error in your order or there are production defects.

2. Which country can we deliver to?

A list of countries to which we send products will be available at checkout.

If your country is not in this list, please contact us: hello@rodeopacks.com

3 . How long does my shipping take?

We work with Colissimo and the Post Office. Generally, you receive your package in 3 to 5 working days for shipments in France only. If it's within Europe or internationally, shipping will take longer.

You will receive an email with all the information relating to the sending of your product.

For any additional questions, please contact us at the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com

4. Where can I find my tracking number?

You will receive an email with all the information relating to the shipment of your product, your tracking number included.

5. Can I cancel my order?

You can send us an email: hello@rodeopacks.com we will check if your order has not yet been sent. If this is the case, we will cancel your order and issue a refund.

Otherwise, you will need to receive your order and then return it to get a refund.

6. Can I change my delivery address?

We work as efficiently as possible to provide you with quality service and fast delivery. Therefore, once the order has been placed, it will NOT be possible to change the shipping address.

However, you can contact our shipping partner (Colissimo and La Poste) directly to change the delivery address.

In the worst case, our sender cannot find your address, so the package will be returned to us and we will issue your refund.

7. What should you do if you receive the wrong products?

If this is the case, please contact us via the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com including your order summary document as well as photos of the products received. We will set up the return procedure quickly. The return will be our responsibility.

Return policy

You can return your products up to 14 days after receiving them. Beyond this period, this will no longer be possible.

The products must be in the same condition as when you received them without traces of use with the labels still attached to them. Otherwise we will not be able to accept them and issue a refund.

Refund or replacement.

We only provide refunds. If you want to change products, we will refund you first and then you are free to place a new order.

To request a refund, please contact us at the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com

1. Return and refund but your credit card is closed?

The refund is made to the bank account you used to purchase from us. Even if you no longer use your credit card, you will receive the money in your bank account.

If your account is closed, we will ask you to contact your bank once you have received email confirmation of the refund.

2. How long does it take to be reimbursed?

The return time for products to our warehouse is between 8-12 working days on average. Then, it takes us between 1 to 3 working days to verify the returned product(s).

If everything is validated, the reimbursement will be made to your bank account between 4-10 working days.


If your bag is damaged or broken, please provide the information below and send it by email: hello@rodeopacks.com

We will therefore be able to assess the damage and thus decide whether or not the warranty is covered.

Please send valid proof of purchase (receipt or invoice).

Please explain the damage to your products.

Please send photos showing the damage.

We will assess the product and its damage. We will come back to you to validate or not the warranty.

If it is validated, we will support you in the reimbursement process.

1. What are the warranties on Rodeo Packs bags?

We have a 2 year warranty on our entire range of bags/panniers.

The warranty excludes any behavior that does not correspond to the recommended instructions for use included in your order.

The warranty does not include deterioration following normal use.

The warranty does not include a modification made by the end customer, a tear, a fall or an abnormal impact on the product.


1. What are your payment options?

We accept the following payment methods:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Shop Pay

We also work with Alma for payments in installments.

2. Do I need to pay additional taxes?

For orders in mainland France, taxes are calculated at check-out and are included in the final price. You will not pay any additional fees.

For orders abroad, depending on the country, taxes may be added to the final amount during checkout.

3. Are you having problems at checkout?

Please contact us: hello@rodeopacks.com with the following information:

  • Are you using your phone or computer on our website?
  • From which country are you purchasing our products?
  • Which web browser do you use? (chrome, safari, firefox…)
  • Tell us which checkout page you are having problems with? Please send us a screenshot.
  • Have you tried using a different web browser?

Once this information has been sent, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

4 . Do you need an invoice with VAT?

If this is the case, please send us an email to: hello@rodeopacks.com including your order number (you will find it in our confirmation email).

Please let us know what additional information you would like to include on the invoice.

Would you like to become a Rodeo Packs reseller?

It's awesome ! Thank you for your interest in Rodeo Packs products. Please contact us via the following email address: hello@rodeopacks.com

1. Where can we find Rodeo Packs products?

We work with trusted partners to distribute our products to their stores.

To find out if they are distributed near you, please refer to the list below.

We update this list regularly with new partners.