Pourquoi choisir une sacoche vélo étanche ?

Why choose a waterproof bike bag?

Why choose a waterproof bike bag?

At Rodeo Packs, every bike ride is an adventure, no matter the distance or destination. You must therefore be prepared for all eventualities.

In this article we will present the following points to justify the purchase of a waterproof bicycle bag:

  • Waterproof VS waterproof bike bag.
  • Your lifestyle and use of your bike.
  • Price and durability.
  • An eco-responsible approach.
  1. What is the difference between a waterproof and waterproof bike bag.

The waterproof bike bag is designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. It will protect all your belongings against rain, a large quantity of water, sand, dust, etc. In short, nothing can penetrate a waterproof bag. As a result, your bag offers maximum protection for your belongings.

Very often, the material used is Tarpaulin PVC which can also be found in exterior tarpaulins. It is very resistant and durable. We'll talk about it a little further down.

Finally, to make your bike bag truly waterproof, the seams must also be welded and the zippers waterproof. This minimizes all entry of impurities in addition to the Tarpaulin PVC material.

With a waterproof bike bag you can move with confidence knowing that your belongings are fully protected.

We've all experienced a bike ride in the rain that intensifies, stressing about your belongings and hoping to arrive in time to get dry 😅.

With a waterproof bike bag, you might get wet but your stuff will be completely dry.

The waterproof bicycle bag is an alternative at a more advantageous price. We'll talk about pricing later in this article.

Waterproofing means resistance to rain mainly. Be careful that it is not too intense.

Very often on these bags there is a coating to make the fabric waterproof and thus offer initial protection to your belongings. However, the zippers are rarely waterproof and the seams are not welded. We therefore recommend choosing a “roll top” closure. This allows you to maximize protection and also obtain a larger volume depending on your load of belongings (also available for waterproof bike bags).

As mentioned previously, a waterproof bag is designed from a fabric where it is easier to have colors and patterns. So you have more possibilities to choose a bag that suits your taste and that matches the colors of your bike.

In summary, the waterproof bag is more durable than a waterproof bag. It will accompany you on all your adventures regardless of the conditions. On the other hand, the waterproof bag is an excellent alternative between resistance and price with more designs available to equip your bike.

  1. Which bike bag fits your lifestyle?

There are some for whom cycling is an integral part of their life. In this case, it is preferable to equip yourself with a durable and resistant bag. So waterproof bags are a valid option for:

  • Daily cycling trips. Indeed, if you go to work every day, you must be ready for all eventualities to protect your belongings (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) in all conditions. You must also have a bag capable of withstanding a daily load, resistant to weight and tears.
  • If these are sporty trips: for example at Rodeo Packs, our DNA is centered around surfing, so we need waterproof bags to avoid any infiltration of water or sand and capable of resisting salt. But this diagram can be valid in the mountains, in the forest, etc.
  • Finally, if your bike trips are trips. There is no need to emphasize the fact that you need waterproof and ultra-resistant bags.

On the other hand, if you use your bike less intensively, it is possible to equip yourself with almost all the bags available on the market depending on:

  • Price
  • Colors and patterns
  • Usefulness.

Despite everything, waterproof bike bags remain the safest solution to maximize durability, protection of your belongings and allow you to accompany you on all your adventures even if they are infrequent.

  1. What price for a bike bag compared to durability?

The bicycle is an ecological alternative to the car. The notion of durability is therefore essential when purchasing your accessories and bags.

Most often, a higher price means higher quality and therefore more durable.

But it is important to make the ratio between price and durability.

If a bag lasts 10 years and costs €100 that means it really costs €10/year.

Finally, if a bag costs €70 and lasts 5 years, the ratio is €14/year. And so over 10 years you will logically have purchased two bags for a total price of €140.

The advantage of a waterproof bag is its durability and resistance to the most extreme conditions. Of course, it may be more expensive than a more traditional bag but will most likely have a much longer lifespan.

Obviously you have to analyze each product and its price, sometimes low prices also hide quality materials that will allow you to get the most out of it! You should also find out about guarantees and repair possibilities in an eco-responsible approach.

  1. What is the eco-responsible approach to your bike bag?

To answer this question it is necessary to analyze these different points:

  • Durability based on your use and the guarantees offered.
  • Its price, it is important to buy a bag at its fair value in relation to its functionality and durability.
  • The possibility of out-of-warranty repairs. The brand can offer to repair the bag for you and thus optimize its lifespan.
  • The recyclability of the bicycle bag or the use of recycled materials in the design of the bag. A product at the end of its life can be transformed into raw material for the manufacture of a new product. This is called upcycling. We cannot make the material disappear completely so we optimize its life cycle.

At Rodeo Packs we have chosen a waterproof bike bag with welded seams and waterproof zips to accompany you on all your adventures.

The choice of materials allows you to optimize the lifespan of the bag. We also offer a repair service for your waterproof bags.

Finally, we work with a European partner for the upcycling of our bicycle bags/panniers.

We practice fair prices, essentially lower than the competition but necessary to satisfy the needs of our distributors.

Our vision at the launch of Rodeo Packs is to design a complete range of bicycle bags to meet all your needs and capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions (tested between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees).

As mentioned in the preamble to this article, with us, every adventure on foot or by bike is an adventure, regardless of the distance or the destination. We therefore offer bicycle bags capable of accompanying you everywhere and all the time!

Adventure awaits…

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