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Bike bag backpack

Backpack convertible into bike bag

The Rodeo Packs range, a French bike bag/bag brand in the South-West in Hossegor.

Our vision when creating the brand: to accompany you in all your adventures on foot or by bike with a complete range of products, waterproof and durable.

Surfing is part of our DNA and it was very important to design quality products with an eco-responsible approach important to the preservation of our various playgrounds.

2 years of Research and Development with various tests with local bike rental companies and some surf/mountain adventures from our ambassadors.

Rodeo Packs = waterproof convertible backpack bike bag to meet all your needs and accompany you on every adventure.

The (electric) bike is part of our life. It represents a real alternative to the car for short and everyday journeys. It is therefore essential to be well equipped and ready for all eventualities.

How can we best equip ourselves for our bike trips?

Which bike bag should you choose?

What volume for a rear bicycle bag?

Is there a special electric bike bag?

Let’s talk a little about eco-responsibility because cycling is at the heart of the subject…

A classic bike lasts a lifetime and can even be passed down from generation to generation. This is the very definition of sustainability.

It is therefore essential to choose your quality bicycle accessories capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions.

At Rodeo Packs, we understand this.

First of all, let's talk a little about our bike attachment system. How to convert a backpack into a bike bag easily and quickly without worrying about durability and weight in the bag?


You know this Renault ad with Raphaël Ibanez who talks about “in France, we did not invent rugby but we reinvented it…

We didn't invent the Velcro strap or the first convertible backpack and bike bag. On the other hand, we reinvented the system!

But why the “scratch”? Because it’s much more durable and sturdy than a classic plastic hook… and it’s also more comfortable!

All surfers attach their board to their foot using Velcro. It never comes loose even in the biggest waves on the planet. We were therefore inspired to develop this system to transform a Rodeo Packs bag into a bicycle bag.

You need a “support” that fits each rear bicycle rack. This support is adjustable using Velcro.

Then you simply attach your backpack to the large Velcro surface of the support. A top-to-bottom attachment which makes the system solid for a significant maximum weight to transport.

We therefore have a simple and quick installation system with, above all, much greater strength than conventional plastic hooks.

We also talked about comfort... it's important especially on a convertible backpack bike bag. The goal once removed from the luggage rack is that it is comfortable to carry on the shoulders and back.

So plastic hooks on the shoulder blades, we've had better... on the other hand, 3mm thick straps hidden in the back of the backpack padded with foam, we don't feel a thing!

To conclude, this innovative hanging system is specific to Rodeo Packs. The scratch is strong, durable and comfortable without forgetting the ease of use.

The ideal rear luggage rack for your bike accessories?

So there are several attachment systems on a bike:

  • The handlebars for light and small objects such as keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. The heavier it is, the more complicated the handling will be...

  • The frame, the bag must already be able to attach to your bike frame. If this is the case, great, it will allow you to store a larger volume. Despite everything, the design of your beautiful bike takes a hit... Let's say that bicycle frame bags are ideal for a bike trip.

  • The front luggage rack or a basket is ideal for fairly light and not too bulky cargo. People who do not have a bag convertible into a bicycle bag will put their bag in the front basket. This can reassure you to always have your belongings in view when you pedal.

  • Finally, the rear luggage rack: it's the perfect place to store your belongings. This does not devalue the design of the bike, on the contrary. You can load with volume and weight on both sides. Finally, the handling of the bike remains similar unless you are only carrying a bag, the bike will tend to lean to one side. It's a very quick habit to get into. Think of the rear luggage rack of a bike like the trunk of a car!

PS: we will not talk about seat post bags or the front wheel frame because they are very specific pieces of luggage, often used during a sports outing or a long bike trip.

Still on the subject of eco-responsibility, we look at the quality of the products.

The quality of a bicycle bag backpack. 🧐

At Rodeo Packs, a bike ride is an adventure no matter the distance or destination.

You must therefore be prepared for any eventuality and have the necessary bicycle accessories to protect your belongings.

You therefore need high-end materials that are at least waterproof and at best waterproof.

At Rodeo Packs, we have chosen waterproof materials and zips for your peace of mind. Finally, the seams are welded for maximum strength.

Our range of convertible backpack bike bags is complete to meet classic needs such as:

  • Go to school
  • Bike commuter
  • Gym
  • Family picnic with family or friends. Yes, a bike bag cooler is available in two formats at Rodeo Packs.
  • Etc…

Finally, let's talk about the usefulness of the 2in1 convertible bike bag backpack and how to choose it?

Design is a very important factor. In fact, you will wear it on foot and by bike, so it is essential to have a design that matches your desires.

What is the optimal volume of bike bag?😅

Don't forget that it can be converted into a backpack and therefore potentially carried on your shoulders once you get off the bike. So, you can choose a substantial volume but have a reasonable weight. Small reminder, each rear luggage rack has a maximum weight to respect.

The volume to choose will obviously depend on your use of the bike bag.

Why choose a convertible bike bag backpack? Why not go straight for a classic bike bag? 🤔

A classic bike bag is often less expensive but it is intended to stay on your bike.

Transportation once the bag has been removed from the bike is more complicated, i.e. a simple handle or a shoulder strap. Transport can also be hampered by plastic hooks.

Finally you leave the bag on the bike, there is a risk of theft.

So strong points:

  • Attractive price
  • Stay attached to the bike.

Weak points :

  • Difficult to transport on foot.
  • Risk of theft.

The bicycle bag backpack is the solution for your daily journeys, for going to work, to school, doing your shopping, playing sports, etc.

We were talking about eco-responsibility, a product that meets several needs is ideal rather than buying a backpack then a bike bag separately.

The risk of theft is almost zero unless you leave it attached to the bike without supervision...

But the goal is to convert your bike bag into a backpack once you're on foot to transport it easily and comfortably.

Highlights backpack bike bag

  • Eco-responsible because it has a broader utility and meets several needs at the same time.
  • Comfortable to wear on the back and shoulders.
  • Easy to use and attach to the bike.
  • Almost zero risk of theft because it will always be with you.
  • It's your companion for all your bike trips!

Weak points backpack bike bag

  • Potentially higher price than a classic bike bag…
  • Plastic hooks can get in the way when carrying it on your back. We must therefore encourage scratching 😉

At Rodeo Packs we have designed a range of complete, stylish, durable and functional bicycle bag backpacks to meet each of your needs.

Visit our collection here and do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information

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